Other Taxes and Fees

Special Taxes and Fees

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) is responsible for administrating a number of special taxes and fees, established to provide funding for environmental, transportation and other public funding. Visit Taxes and Fees to learn about the various (CDTFA) programs.

Property Taxes

While the State Board of Equalization is responsible for overseeing property tax assessment standards, county governments are responsible for collecting property taxes. Forms and other resources are available from individual county assessors.

Other Taxes and Fees

Learn about California Franchise Tax Board’s Nonadmitted Insurance Tax. This program is imposed on persons and entities that directly obtain insurance from nonadmitted insurers.

CDTFA – Important Dates

Small Business Assistance Center

The Small Business Assistance Center provides links to agencies and organizations that will help you start, run, and close your business.