How To File And Pay For Individuals

We are constantly looking for ways to make your tax filing easier. This includes up-to-date methods, quicker submissions and improved accuracy. Check each agency for the filing method that is best for you or your business.

State Income Tax (Franchise Tax Board)

Federal Income and Payroll Tax (Internal Revenue Service)

Welcome to Electronic Services. Sure, there may be times when you will need to send materials to the IRS via the US Postal Service. However, you may wish to take advantage of advancements in technology to file your return electronically and download and retrieve information from the IRS. This year the Service is promoting the benefits of IRS e-file (electronic filing). Look for “IRS e-file” where electronic filing services are being offered.

Filing Your Taxes Was Never Easier

Publication 1857 contains an overview of the three e-file options available for individuals. These options include:

  • Filing through a tax professional.
  • Filing through a personal computer.
  • Filing over the telephone.

See the IRS 1040 booklet for filing information