California Tax Service Center

Important Dates for Other Taxes & Fees

Date Type of tax or fee What is due
1 Property Tax – First installment of taxes for all property assessed on the secured roll is due  
Alcoholic Beverage Tax September 2012 and 3rd quarter 2012 Common Carrier Distilled Spirits tax due
15 Alcoholic Beverage Tax (Beer Mfg, Wine Growers, Beer & Wine Importers, Distilled Spirits) October 2012 tax due
Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax (Suppliers) October 2012 prepayment due
26 Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax (Cigarette and Tobacco Product Distributors, Cigarette Wholesalers) October 2012 tax due
Oil Spill Response, Prevention, and Administration Fees October 2012 fees due
Underground Storage Tank Maintenance Fee October 2012 fee due
30 Property Tax - Last day to file an application for changed assessment in counties where the assessor does not provide value notices by August 1 to all assesses of real property on the secured roll  
Aircraft Jet Fuel Tax October 2012 tax due
Diesel Fuel Tax (Suppliers, Exempt Bus Operators, Government Entities) October 2012 tax due
Electronic Waste Recycling Fee October 2012 fee due
Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge September 2012 and 3rd quarter 2012 taxes due
Hazardous Waste Disposal Fee August 2012 fee due
Marine Invasive Species (Ballast Water Management) Fee October 2012 fee due
Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax (Carriers, Suppliers, Terminal Operators, Train Operators) October 2012 tax due