California Tax Service Center

Important Dates for Other Taxes & Fees

Date Type of tax or fee What is due
1 Property Tax - Second installment of taxes for property assessed on the secured roll is due and payable 4th quarter (2011) timber yield tax is due
Alcoholic Beverage Tax December 2011 and 4th quarter 2011 Distilled Spirits Common Carrier tax due
15 Alcoholic Beverage Tax  (Beer Mfg, Wine Growers, Beer & Wine Importers, Distilled Spirits) January 2012 tax due
Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax (Suppliers) January 2012 prepayment due
Property Tax - Last day to timely file claim for homeowners' or disabled veterans' exemption  
27 Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax
(Cigarette and Tobacco Product Distributors, Cigarette Wholesalers)
January 2012 tax due
Oil Spill Response, Prevention, and Administration Fees January 2012 fees due
Underground Storage Tank Maintenance Fee January 2012 fees due
29 Aircraft Jet Fuel Tax January 2012 tax due
Alcoholic Beverage Tax January 2012 Distilled Spirits Common Carrier tax due
Diesel Fuel Tax (Suppliers, Exempt Bus Operators, Governmental Entities) January 2012 tax due
Electronic Waste Recycling Fee January 2012 fee due
Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge December 2011, 4th quarter 2011, and annual 2011 taxes due
Hazardous Waste Disposal Fee November 2011 fee due
Hazardous Waste Facility Fee 1st prepayment (Jan – June 2011 period) and 2011 annual fee due
Hazardous Waste Generator Fee 2011 annual fees due
Hazardous Waste Environmental Fee 2011 annual tax due
Marine Invasive Species (Ballast Water Management) Fee January 2012 fee due
Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax (Carriers, Suppliers, Terminal Operators, Train Operators) January 2012 tax due
Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Fee 2011 annual fee due